Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Icebergs Cometh

I know. I know. The title is grammatically incorrect, but I happen to like it. It suits the circumstance.

I'm sitting in my office cloaked in a hoodie, head covered, long fleece pants, woolen socks with winter slippers on top. The only things missing are gloves and I believe I have a pair from which I once cut out the fingers. Perhaps I'll look for them. The space heater is humming. It's supposed to snow another 12 cm. today. Here's how our house looks already.

 This morning, when I looked out the back porch, I saw encroaching clouds.Ominous.
 I also saw more clouds hovering over the lake. Hubby suggested we drive down and investigate...a great idea. We went to our usual lookout area and saw nothing terribly momentous. There was of course, ice and we viewed some crashing waves off in the distance.
As I turned my camera to the west, I wondered whether this is how many people imagine Canada to look...barren and icy for miles and miles with minimal signs of life.
By this time, my photo fingers were numb. I had an idea. There's a small park which we sometimes like to visit. It has a bench, a trash can, a couple of trees and a lovely view of the lake. We headed that way prior to going home and here is what we found.
There were incredible mountains of ice. Waves of lake water lapped over and through the mounds. Some of the area reminded us of blow holes in rocks in the southern sea areas of the Caribbean. Waves had frozen and built up massive icy hills which almost looked like icebergs. It made us think of another new to us weather phenomenon...the ice tsunami, and helped us comprehend how such a thing could happen in smaller lakes. Some parts looked like moonscapes with craters.
Finally, we viewed the park bench and trees. It was quite a contrast from the summer.

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