Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Mission

This is going to be one of those rambling stream of consciousness blogs. I just know it. Here goes.

This will be the year. I am determined. It's now or never. I need two chairs.

The chairs must be 50's style chrome and vinyl. I prefer black, gray, red or white. Any combination of those colours would also be fine. On the other hand, I could recover them...wait, not recover but re-cover. Is that the same? Anyhow, it wouldn't be the first time I've delved into the realm of re-upholstery.

I have made a feeble effort to find some chairs to go with a little kitchen table in the past. Hubby has had this cute table for awhile. It once belonged to inlaws. I've checked Kijiji and Craig's list. I have emailed a company in Detroit. They make the chairs to order...colour and fabric...all new, but don't ship or have an outlet in Canada. It's occurred to me to order the chairs, ship them to American relatives and either pick them up or have them visit and deliver. The thing is, what if I don't like them? What if they're too large and disproportionate? They'd be made to order and the wrong thing. Besides, they're kind of costly and I'm cheap.

I am going to try harder. I like the size of this table. It has good fengshui, rounded corners. It's for a small kitchen or for seniors who might eventually move to lesser grounds.
I'm off to a good start. On Sunday, I posted on Facebook on our local buy and sell page. One lady offered me some chairs but they don't quite fit the bill. Another said they have the exact chairs, red seat, some kind of logo at Canadian Tire. I wonder if it's a Canadian Tire logo. I wonder if the chairs are meant as seating for employees. I rushed to Canadian Tire...no chairs. I wonder whether I should have looked in the automotive lounge? What good would that do? Perhaps if I try a larger store.

It's going to become my mission....chairs and also last year's mission of perfecting macarons. This will be the year. Once I accomplish these menial goals, I can move on with my life. Perhaps I should create one of those "possibilities" boards. Is that even possible at my age? Yes...that's what I'll do. Then I can visualize my goals and achieve them more clearly. Then I'll quit procrastinating. I'll definitely make one of those boards....tomorrow or next week, when I'm not so busy.

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