Friday, January 3, 2014

Not A Creature Was Stirring...

Everyone's gone now. After months of a hectic life with visitors, running around (me, not the visitors although sometimes it was me and the visitors), cooking, cleaning, decorating, travelling, and busyness, everyone's gone. It seems odd and yet peaceful. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the company. It was nice having people here and going out to see and do things with them. It's always good to have the chance to interact with people, particularly family and friends.

Last night though, I found myself waking up trying to remember who else was still here. I wondered who was left on the lower level of our house. How quiet did I need to be during my night time spells of insomnia? I eventually realized there was no longer anyone extra, nobody but the usual spouse and one dog.

I got up and wandered around the room briefly to stretch my numb body parts before going back to bed. As I lay there I started to notice things I didn't have time to notice over the past months. The darkness and the three a.m. hour seemed to aggravate and exaggerate the aches and pains. My elbow and wrist hurt...carpal tunnel. My nagging knees not only burned but hot pokers seemed to cut through them like knives. Sinuses throbbed. Minor aches and pains became major, keeping me awake as I lay there. Then I started to worry. Isn't it strange how all our problems and those of others take on mountainous proportions during the night?

I needed distraction. Should I count sheep? Should I turn on lights, read or play a game for awhile? No, instead, I reflected. I tried thinking about the many wonderful events of the past weeks and months. My breathing slowed. It was those memories, the pleasant memories and times with family and friends which eventually managed to overide all else and lull me back into a contented slumber.

***Update - The bedding and towels have been washed and the beds remade. We're ready and waiting for you. :-)

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