Monday, January 13, 2014

No Pressure Today

It seems odd having nothing to do and nowhere to go. After such a hectic four months, I find myself rattling around. Oh, there's always housework or cooking I suppose, but that's not something that I find particularly fulfilling or enjoyable.

I received a call last night that our hospital shop is flooded. It's suffering from flat roof syndrome. Great. There goes my shift today and my extra one tomorrow. Store is closed. So, what to do?  I've already cleaned the storage cupboard during my great ice captivity of 2013-14. I've put away all evidence of Christmas except for a few candy canes which were pointed out to me by a photographer who was here recently. What's wrong with leaving out some candy canes anyhow? You never know when you might have a sudden need to freshen your breath or urge to stir your hot chocolate with something other than a spoon.

As I sit in my office, I think about the plans that I had for this and every winter since my retirement. I stare at the canvases sitting in the corner and wonder whether I should now delve into painting, not the walls of my vast experience, but pictures. Perhaps, considering my non existent skill level, abstracts. I look at the boxes of photos which I've been meaning to downsize and sort. Is this the day? What do I do with these paper recipes, collected before the days of the internet and I look at my pile of columns and newspaper clippings. I could organize those. Maybe I will. A bag with macaron making supplies sits in the corner. I haven't mastered the art of the macaron. Should I give it another try?

If I've learned anything in my lifetime, or in my more mature years, it's not to waste time. Don't take anything for granted. There's an athletic company that uses the logo "Just Do It". I think I'll make that my motto too.

First, I'll go to the gym. Then, I'll do something that I've wanted to do or meant to do. Let's see how it goes. I shall report back.

So what is it that you've always wanted to do and have for various reasons put off? Just do it.

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