Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hotel Review

My lack of blog production is because we have been away. I am now in "catch up" mode. The first thing I've written since our return is a hotel review for www.tripadvisor.ca. I have done a few in the past, some good, some bad. Here's the latest.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Eve...and Beyond

Thanks to Dr. Seuss for these words...
"And when you're in a Slump, you're not in for much fun. Un-slumping yourself is not easily done."

Toward the end of 2011. I was in somewhat of a slump. A few issues were weighing on my mind and I suddenly felt "elderly". I lost interest in things, was sickly and had insomnia.

On December 31st, hubby and I went to a dance with some couples we know. We dressed in our New Year's Eve finest only to be surprised at the variety of clothing worn by much of the crowd. There was a more diverse group at the dance than we had anticipated. The age range was actually quite large. I looked around at the young women and couldn't help but admire their bravery as they donned what appeared to be tulle undergarments, flourescent leggings and short boots. As I stared at their crimped and feathered coiffs, I imagined the hours it must have taken them to look like that. I have a daughter. I know.
Can I be in the picture? Please, please, woof, woof....
The music was mostly fast and modern...very modern. In fact, it was a "video dance", a term which was unfamiliar to much of our table. Music videos played on a screen on the dance floor. I only knew about this because I had once supervised such a dance in a school gymnasium. I loved it and happily sang along and bobbed around. The boom, boom, booming beat and volume of music made conversation challenging. As midnight drew near, we grabbed our hats, noise makers and glasses of water and headed for the dance floor. Midnight. Balloons fell. People hugged, kissed and spilled their drinks. It was 2012! 

Hubby and I started dancing to the first slow dance of the night...
  ***"Theme From Titanic". You know the one...Celine Dion. "This can't be a good omen." I muttered under my breath. 

January 1st got off to a slow start after a late night. The day, then the week picked up very quickly. We had a lovely visit with family members. Then later, imagine my surprise at seeing this message on Facebook from my favourite Toronto hotel. (blog "Monday with...", March 31, 2011).

Hotel Victoria

Please congratulate Hilde as our December winner of a Free night's stay at Hotel Victoria!   
    1 January at 15:03
The next day, I had an appointment at the orthopaedic and sports injury clinic to investigate some foot pain. The doctor told me that my feet are sensitive, very much like hers and that I needed to treat myself to an expensive new pair of shoes. Hmmm...best medical advice I've ever received!
Hubby went on a business trip and the weather was spectacular. The longer these temperatures last, the less time for ice and snow before Spring...fine with me. Puppy and I loafed around at home. I lingered in the tub, played some video games, listened to music. We went for some walks, did some cooking and I attended to medical appointments. Since I did most of my work before New Year's ("Things to Do...", Dec. 31, 2011) there was just a bit of tidying and laundry to be done. I "weighed in" and discovered that I had actually lost half a pound during the Christmas holidays. Besides all this, free samples and coupons galore came in the mail. One coupon was for $25 off a Tilley purchase...wonderful since I received a gift certificate from the same store at Christmas.
The week just kept getting better. On Friday January 6th, an item I wrote in this blog and submitted to the local newspaper was published. I have now achieved something which was on my bucket list (see "My Bucket List", June 30, 2010)
Northumberland News, Friday January 6th, 2012

It is now Saturday morning, one eventful week since New Year's Eve. Hubby made me crepes with strawberries for breakfast. The t.v. news channel has Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" playing in the background.  I am officially un-slumped. Happy New Year.


*** Hubby reminded me that 2012 is the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Perhaps that's the reason for the music at midnight. Perhaps it was coincidence. In my opinion however, a poor and unexplained choice.