Saturday, January 25, 2014

Polar Vortex vs Heaven on Earth

The weather continues to be the topic of conversation around here. For the last two days there have been 30+ vehicle pileups on the highway near us caused by whiteout conditions from snow and high winds. There are massive drifts all around and the plows are barely keeping ahead of the chaos.

My friend and I had booked what turned out to be the perfect solution to a horrible, dreary winter day. We braved the elements and gave ourselves a treat by going to the Heaven on Earth spa in town.

After we handed over our coats, we selected our order from a luncheon menu. Then, we were escorted into a changing area with showers and a steam room. Our robes, slippers and water goblets were waiting for us. We were told to enjoy and that we'd be called when our lunch arrived.

After a fantastic and relaxing steam and shower, we heard a tapping at the door. Lunch was served. Unfortunately, we had both forgotten to bring hair brushes, but we were told that spa hair was acceptable during lunch here.

Our food selection was roast chicken, brie and arugula on marble rye with veggies and dip.

We were served herbal tea in lovely china cups along with our lunch. Delicious. After lunch we looked around a bit and took a few more photos. Then it was time for our manicures and pedicures.
I opted for a sparkly, loud colour for my toes. My friend was a little more subtle with her choice.
When we were done, we relaxed in the spa living room, where I reclined Cleopatra style on the chaise lounge. We sipped more tea and chatted for a long time. It was a great and relaxing time hanging out with a good friend at a wonderful place.
Now that I've been spoiled once, I'll definitely be going back. After all, isn't it important for me to do my part to support local business?

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