Friday, January 24, 2014

Schedule Cleanup

There's a wonderful feature on my email account called "schedule cleanup". It comes in handy for all those subscribed websites which I once thought were a good idea and are now cluttering my inbox daily. Yes, I've managed to "unsubscribe" to many, however, these things seem to reproduce, particularly if I don't check my mail for a few days. It then becomes overwhelming.

This morning, I looked through my hundreds of blog posts and discovered that I have about 75 which I have begun and abandoned for various reasons. Some, are almost completed while others have a title and nothing more. I have decided that today's the day. I'm going to schedule a cleanup of my blogs. First I'll go through and remove all duplicate ideas. Next, I'll delete headings which I typed in hurriedly thinking they'd help me remember my thoughts later...they didn't.

Finally, I'm getting tired of my blog format. I think I'll try to change it, amp it up, spruce it up and try to make the page a little more interesting looking. I had convinced myself that all I wanted was someplace to write my thoughts and activities and nothing more. I've changed my mind. I want my page to be a little more appealing, if not to anyone else, at least to me. I'm hoping that changing the look of the page doesn't alter, shift and distort previous blogs and photos. If it does, well...ugh.

So that's my plan for today. Well..that and making a turkey pot pie, preparing some dog foods, exercising at the gym, going to the bank, dusting, washing the kitchen floor, ironing, going through some bills, tidying my office....hmmm....

Methinks the blog format might have to be just fine after all. I'll be lucky if I get to the 75 drafts.

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