Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lunch At Caplansky's

A tv episode of "You Gotta Eat Here" featured Caplansky's Deli in the Kensington area of Toronto. After yesterday's trip to the nearby Art Gallery, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to make our second visit to this location
We went through the door and past a makeshift vertical blind/wind blocker into the inner sanctum, where we were greeted by one of the very friendly wait staff. The decor inside this establishment is simple and includes a reassuring wall display of newspaper write-ups and awards. Beside this display is featured an impressive takeout counter.

The premise of this eat in deli is simple. They serve delicious homestyle food and give great customer service. After being seated, we were immediately presented with a large bottle of water, two glasses and the menu. It featured breakfast items as well as many fantastic sandwich and dinner options.

Hubby had studied the online menu before we arrived and had decided that this was the day for a chopped liver sandwich. The sandwich/latke lunch combo costs just under $10. I opted for the corned beef. We shared a cup of matzo ball chicken soup. Yum.

There's a box of delicious homemade mustards on each table. Although they are all excellent (and for sale), I have two favourites, extra hot and the horseradish mustard. We were both quite happy to forgo our dieting for the day.

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