Monday, November 12, 2012

Today Is The First Day of What's Left of My Life

Today, is my birthday. I recently took an online survey which takes into account my fatness, physical features and other factors. It said I would live to be 88 years 2 months and 45 minutes old and die on January 29th, 2038. Sounds ok to me. I wonder if there's any recourse if the site isn't accurate and I die sooner.

My day was relatively uneventful. It began quite early and was full of travel and appointments. I did manage to have some fun and a few chuckles along the way. There were chats, body pains, memories and a meal. Here are some details.

At the breakfast table, hubby asked, "What time of day were you born?"

I answered, "I don't remember."  We laughed.

As I moaned about my aching kindergarten teacher knees, I remembered the words of my Scottish friend, "Pain is the price you pay for not dying young." I love quotes about old age.

For a landmark birthday a couple of years ago, another friend gave me a book by my favourite author Robert Fulghum. The book, "What On Earth Have I Done?" is full of comments which she added just for me. It described some of my better character traits (with emphasis on the word "character") and several of my escapades over the years. It was a wonderful, memorable and amazingly thoughtful present. I can't believe all that she remembered. I look through the book often and did so again on this birthday. It makes me feel as though I have actually accomplished a few things in my life.

This evening, hubby and I had dinner in jail. Yes indeed. My birthday dinner was at a historic building, in MacAllister's pub, at an old jail in town. The food was abundant, delicious, unpretentious, and in my case, free.





So, I shall end my birthday blog with a few fitting quotes by unknown authors, "We are only young once, after that, we need some other excuse."

And here's a really good one. "You can't hide your true colours as you approach the autumn of your life."

It's certainly nice to reach an age when we no longer feel the need to please anyone but ourselves...unless we want to that is.

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