Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Googling Yourself Isn't As Rude As It Sounds

I admit it, every now and again I google myself. It's not that I'm particularly vain. It's not even that I'm that infamous. It's just that I want to see what weird and wonderful, or not so great thing may have appeared on the internet about me. If there's nothing, fantastic. If there is, I try to delete it or find out more about where it originated.

Lest there be a single person out there who doesn't know, "Google" is a computer search engine.

I have in fact located forms of my name a few times. In one particular unsanctioned and anonymous site which rates teachers, I actually saw a few comments. Special thanks to whoever posted this and no, I didn't write it myself as hubby suggested.
                                 " she was the absolute best kindergarten teacher ever! she was so nice and such a great teacher! its a shame I'm not in kindergarten and she retired. heck, its still a shame that kids in this generation wont be able to be taught by her anymore."
There are a number of sites that are helpful for those who feel the need to clean up their image. Here's an example. . The problem is that you can't always remove what someone else has posted. I'm just glad I'm not that interesting!

It is most odd to find other people with the same name as me, particulary since my moniker is on the slightly unusual side. Here are a couple of newspaper clippings I discovered during one of my recent urges to disrespect intended to the individuals in question.

I must at this point quote Mark Twain, just to clarify. "Recent reports of my demise have been highly exaggerated."

from Südwest Presse Online


So, have you googled yourself lately? If you haven't, then give it a try. You might be surprised at what you find.

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