Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lost in the Galaxy - Part Two

I feel much more successful today. I have been able to add more telephone numbers to my new cell phone without actually ***dialing anyone. I have even found the "x" key which allows me to repair any errors caused by my fat fingers. Friends' names are now recognizable. As for the phone numbers, I think there's an easier way to acquire and store these. I remember when my children got new phones, they asked their friends to call or text them. I think there's some magical method to save this information. To me, this whole technology is magical.

I have also managed to send a few text messages. Unfortunately, I had a little problem after messaging my son. He promptly ignored me. Thanks son. You knew I could figure it out, right?

Again, there is probably an easier way. I located a little curly "back" arrow and voilà, I got out of the page.

I find that I learn best in small doses with time to absorb information in between. I think I'm almost ready to tackle some apps. That'll be a new experience since the most exciting thing I used on my old phone was the alarm wakeup feature and a Bon Jovi ringtone.

Now if only I knew how to answer my new phone when it rings.

***I have learned some new language along the way including the phrase "pocket dialing".I found this little article to be amusing. 

Car thief pocket-dials 911 on himself not once, but FOUR times! | Sync™ Blog

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