Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turkey Time

On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, I wrote a blog that contained a partial bucket list. The fourth item on my list was to line up at Honest Ed's and take advantage of their annual free turkey giveaway. They have been giving away turkeys in December for twenty five years. This activity has always fascinated me and I have no idea why. I suppose that it's not much different from wanting to line up for bargains on Black Friday or Boxing Day, although I've never had a desire to do either of those. Perhaps it's because I grew up blocks from Honest Ed's and loved going there as a youngster. It's just another experience. When I mentioned it to a bank employee recently, her face lit up with excitement as she told me she'd always wanted to do that too. Perhaps I'm not so strange.

I first paid attention to this giveaway when my life was a little less than comfortable. My children were too young for me to either leave them alone, or to venture out with them to line up for a turkey. We certainly could have used anything free at that time and in fact, often took advantage of local "free sample" opportunities.

Later, I decided I would go once I retired. I haven't made it. I moved farther away from the city and weather does not always make one eager to travel.

This Sunday is Honest Ed's turkey giveaway. I've heard that the weather is going to be spectacular. Perhaps this will be the year for the trek in to the city.

Holiday traditions continue at Honest Ed's: 12,000 lbs of free turkeys - 680News

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