Monday, November 19, 2012

Lost in the Galaxy - Part Three

My old phone was compact, indestructible and had a lid. My new phone is bigger, sleeker and has extraordinary albeit undiscovered features. I'm getting there.

Since my new cell phone is totally exposed so to speak, it was necessary to get a case to protect it. Hubby was kind enough to purchase the best, state of the art, protective shell for my new phone. This cover is said to withstand everything, including water and oil. Truly amazing.

I immediately, and easily slid off the belt clip...not something I would use. Then, after several attempts, I still could not get the case open. It's childproof. I'm fairly certain that a child could open this before a senior could figure it out. I resorted to youtube. You can learn anything on youtube including how a young man with agile fingers opens this case without showing you the exact details of how he did it.

Since I didn't want to break anything, I decided to go back to the store and have an employee show me how the cover opens and the phone fits inside. Then hubby suggested putting the belt clip on the phone face when I use it to protect it further. Ummm...I think not.

I don't wear belts, a uniform or anything else that would make it feasible to hang a phone from any of my body parts. Imagine this entire contraption in a woman's purse. Pull out the phone complete with all the paraphernalia which would hook on the belt clip...keys, tissues, pens, wallets, lint and possibly even more embarassing items. Some of these things might even drop off the belt hook and onto the floor. Besides that, try to get it apart to use the phone before it stops ringing. Even now, I rarely get my phone out of my purse in time to answer. The additional weight would be almost like trying to carry around a cordless phone.

I love my new  cell phone. It's pretty, it's sleek, it's hip. It can do so many things that I haven't even discovered yet. I'll keep experimenting and learning. Perhaps one day I'll even discover that it has a housecleaning app.

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