Monday, November 5, 2012

Pops and the U.S. Election

I had the opportunity to visit a unique place along Route 66, in Arcadia, Oklahoma. It was called "Pops" and was easy to identify by the sixty six foot soda pop bottle that adorned the roadside. Although I didn't actually witness it, I'm told that at night, the same bottle lights up. The fairly new attraction has a gas station, restaurant and convenience store and, sells a lot of...what else? Pop. In fact, it boasts an availability of over 600 varieties of soda pop and drinks.

Inside, there are shelves upon shelves of drinks, organized by colour and flavour. Even the refreshments in the fridges were sorted to make it easy to pick a favourite....or not. Given so many choices, it was almost impossible to select just one.

The displays not only looked appealing, but provided me with endless fun and entertainment as I read and chuckled at many of the labels.


I even found a bottle that I thought might appeal to my son, more for the design than the flavour.

Then I saw a most unusual patriotic display. I wonder whether anyone considered keeping track of how many of each of these were sold. It might have been an interesting way to try to predict the outcome of tomorrow's U.S. election.

Cream de Mitt

Barack O'Berry

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