Friday, November 2, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again...Almost

I don't usually have terrible luck with eye glasses, not like some people. For example, my adult son has had to have his spectacles replaced a few times in the past couple of years. I'm not certain under which circumstances friends have "accidentally" stepped on his face, however, that was apparently the most recent reason for the demise of his glasses. 

Oh, I have had the odd screw loose...on my glasses that is. Occasionally lenses pop out. I've even had my frame crack for no apparent reason (again, I am speaking of glasses). Fortunately, it took place in under a year and there was a warranty. I've written about glasses before and told the sad tale of my favourite blue pair in, "Another Pair Bites the Dust!" 12/28/10.

Today, I ventured off to Walmart as I frequently do when I am devoid of alternate entertainment. I stepped out of my vehicle when I heard it, "clunk".

No problem. My glasses frequently tumble off the front of my shirt where I hook them when they're not in use. Then I looked down. I didn't dare breathe. I didn't even want to move as I had already nudged them once with my giant sneakered foot. It was still pouring rain as it has been all week in the aftermath of what's been labelled as  ***"Frankenstorm". I had parked beside a rushing storm sewer and my glasses, well, my glasses had barely escaped a terrible grate. I snatched them up and heaved a relieved sigh as I deposited them into my jacket pocket.

The following photos are a re-enactment after the fact. When I returned to the car, I decided that this had potential for a blog. I wasn't brave enough, however, to tempt fate a second time by laying the glasses in the same central and dangly location in which they originally landed.


Even though these are my backup specs, I am glad that they were spared from drowning, or worse, sewer rats. The idea of rats wearing my glasses does conjure up amusing images, memories of the pied piper and three blind mice.

    But then, that's how my brain works.

***Frankenstorm a.k.a. hurricane Sandy. I assume it got this moniker because of the occurance and resulting devastation around Halloween.

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