Thursday, November 27, 2014

High Tea, Low Tea or Afternoon Tea?

A friend sent me this youtube link ( )and invited several people to go to the Fairmont Royal York afternoon tea. I was excited. Although it's not inexpensive, it's an experience that I don't want to miss. To me, particularly at this stage in my life, experiences are worth much more than money.

I had seen an episode of The Marilyn Denis Show where Charles the Butler explained the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea. I had no idea prior to this time that Afternoon Tea is the more formal of the two. Let me explain.

In ye jolly olde British Isles, high tea was dinner. It was the large meal shared by working class people late in the day. They ate and drank from a high table and consumed everything from meat and fish to cheese, potatoes, casseroles and beans. It was quite a heavy meal after a day of work.

Afternoon tea, or low tea as it's sometimes called occurs earlier in the afternoon. It takes place in a sitting area and employs lower tables similar to coffee tables. It originated during the time of Queen Victoria and was credited to her friend the Dutchess of Bedford. Since the evening meal among the wealthy was served quite late, the Dutchess decided to have tea and assorted cakes, biscuits and scones available between noon and dinner. She invited friends who enjoyed this so much that word spread and it became a tradition.

I have studied the menu for the Royal York tea.

It all looks good and the additional offering of champagne is tempting  Now I'm planning my wardrobe. I suggested to my friend that considering the cost of the function, I might have to wear a low cut dress and smuggle home extra crumpets which might mysteriously drop into the cleavage. She said we needed to purchase some wear to this event. At any rate, we're having fun with it. Not nearly as much fun, however as we'll have when we finally enjoy this special afternoon in December.
***Added potential bonus - I've often written about stalking Donny Osmond. Since he and Marie will be in Toronto for the first three weeks of December, wouldn't it be a fortunate coincidence if they were staying at the Royal York? Odds are favourable. After all, this hotel was once good enough for royalty, politicians and John and Yoko.

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