Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hilde's Day Out...Trains, Trains and Trains

I have been spring cleaning. Yes, you heard me correctly. Whoever coined the term "spring cleaning" obviously doesn't live in Canada. After all, who wants to do housework when weather is just starting to get sunny and warm? My philosophy is that as long as most of it is done before the snow flies, it can still be called spring cleaning. As a reward for my efforts, I planned a trip into Toronto. I purchased a train ticket for yesterday, grabbed an umbrella, and off I went.

About a dozen people got on the Via train ahead of me. I searched for my seat only to discover that it was occupied. Although it looked rather comfortable, I did not think I should sit on anyone's lap so I sought out the train employee. He was instantly recognizable by his uniform and his greeting of "Bonjour madam, may I 'elp you wit something?" So began part of the day's French connection.

After determining that my cheap seat was indeed occupied and obviously given to me in error, the attendant announced loudly that I'd be going to first class or as the French say, la première classe. Obviously, he could tell that I was of royal lineage. He told me to seat myself wherever I wished. So many spacious and comfortable spots...where to sit? I enjoyed the rest of the trip sipping my coffee and eating breakfast in the quiet comfort of my huge seat (the train seat, not my personal appendage).
I arrived at my first stop, Union Station. What a fabulous structure. I marvelled at the architecture. How can any tourist not admire the majesty of this magnificent building and its inviting entrance?
I wandered through the station until I found an exit at the Air Canada Centre where I spotted evidence of the ever hopeful, regularly disappointed Leafs Nation.
It was pouring rain but I didn't care as I found a tribute to my childhood hero when the Leafs actually used to win. He was bronzed and immortalized in front of the building. With the sweep of my sleeve, I removed the water from a  pillar and plunked down my camera on auto timer.

Realizing that I had no idea where to begin my adventure   I headed back inside the station and gave myself a puppy like shake to remove excess water. I wandered through the hallways of the train station until I found myself face to face with a token machine. The subway seemed like the next obvious choice. My adventure would begin here and go... somewhere.

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