Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mission Accomplished...Well, Almost

In a blog entitled, "My Mission", written on January 7, 2014, I ended with these words.

It's going to become my mission....chairs and also last year's mission of perfecting macarons. This will be the year. Once I accomplish these menial goals, I can move on with my life. Perhaps I should create one of those "possibilities" boards. Is that even possible at my age? Yes...that's what I'll do. Then I can visualize my goals and achieve them more clearly. Then I'll quit procrastinating. I'll definitely make one of those boards....tomorrow or next week, when I'm not so busy.

I have finally been successful at macaron making. It took more than a year, from August 2, 2013 until October 20, 2014 to be exact.
 This year, there was an additional goal. I had been searching for chairs, two chairs, specifically. 50's style chrome chairs to match an older table which we are using in the kitchen..
I had lots of close calls. Some chair possibilities were too worn to take home, others were too costly or the wrong colour. I searched online. I phoned to follow up on leads. I went to junk and antique stores and I looked longingly at the exact chairs in an old closed up diner in Michigan. So near and yet so far. I was not satisfied.
 Friends announced that they actually have chairs for us. I was ecstatic. Realistically however, I wasn't certain when a  U-haul and I would be travelling to points far north to collect said very kind offer. For many reasons, I still want their chairs should they continue to be available, however, in the meantime, I have kept looking closer to home.

Hubby and I went to an auction house this past week, where we saw chairs that we thought might fit the bill. They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but they were chrome, vintage and would pass in a pinch. We thought we might go to the auction, but I later changed my mind. I really didn't want clear vinyl seats and fold up chrome chairs.

On Friday, we went for a car ride and had lunch at a lovely farmhouse. On the way home, I asked that we might stop at a nearby town, Orono, which I knew was rife with antique stores. The shops were huge. One had a 50's chrome table but no chairs. I remember going into another once before and being rerouted to Oshawa for chairs that just weren't quite right. When I entered the second shop, hubby found me and announced that he had located chairs. I followed him excitedly and yes, at long last, there they were. They were close enough in style and colour to satisfy me. They were also in fantastic condition. The price was definitely right. We loaded them into the car, and off we went.
Lighting is deceptive. They are greenish/gray
Looking good with the table

So now what? I still have some time left this year. Perhaps I'll give that possibilities board a try after all. Besides, I'm obviously going to have to set my goals a lot higher for next year.

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