Monday, November 3, 2014

Hilde's Day Out...Trains, Trains and Trains - 3

It wasn't something I would have planned. It wasn't anything on my bucket list. It wasn't even a display which I'd normally seek out. It was an opportunity...nothing more, just an opportunity. The exhibit began the day I was going to be in the city. This suggested to me that it was something of which I should take advantage. I've missed too many opportunities in the past. I was going to see the Stanley Kurbrick exhibit on opening day, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

In my head, I determined that it couldn't be a far walk from the Yonge St. subway station to 350 King St. W. After all, each one of those huge skyscrapers took up a city block. I got off the subway and began heading west, keeping my eyes peeled for the TIFF building. It was not one with which I was familiar. I walked and I walked realizing that there are people who would complain that their day was ruined simply because of downpour and their wet feet. I didn't see it that way. I appreciated my surroundings and I pondered. I imagined the poor soldiers during the wars who suffered from trenchfoot. Odd thought, I realized, but I also knew that I had nothing to complain about. I saw the first structure with a number...55. Uh oh.

Then I passed the old Imperial Bank of Canada building, now Commerce Court CIBC at the corner of King and Bay. I knew exactly where I was since I had spent some time there, where my mom worked, when I was a child.
Next I viewed some gorgeous fall planters with colourful flowers and kale, shining brightly through the cloudburst. I stopped to admire them as others rushed to get out of the rain and back to work. Were these blooms ever appreciated? Were they passed each day and yet never really seen?
 My trek went on. I saw University Avenue and realized the error of my ways. Had I taken the subway down to Union and back up the University line, I could have saved myself some steps. On the other hand, I would have missed things along the way

The Princess of Wales Theatre came up on my right. It boasted the final weeks of "The Book of Mormon". Was this a show I should have gone to see I wondered? Perhaps, but even more so, I thought that I would like to see Blithe Spirit with Angela Lansbury,  mid February to mid March. I made a mental note to get tickets. ( *** Further note to self - Find out more about this Noel Coward comedy. All I know now is that it has a spirit in it. Perhaps I should get it from the library.) As I stopped to take yet another photo, I realized I was standing on the Walk of Fame. Many names were covered in leaves or puddles, obscuring the names  from view. I did make out that of Farley Mowat,  Port Hope's most well known citizen.

One kilometre later (it felt like much more after all the earlier walking), I arrived. There it was right across the street. TIFF Bell Lightbox  I almost missed the nondescript building. I was too busy taking a picture of a cute small restaurant called "Hey Lucy" which boasted of their famous martini specials. If only I had more time!

At last, I had arrived at my destination. All the excitement...all the buildup...all the anticipation...all the walking, and I was here. After purchasing my ticket and giving up my wet coat, umbrella and heavy bag at the coat check, my squishy shoes and I entered the world of Stanley Kubrick.

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