Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Cataract Adventures - Part 5

The screen in front of me no longer exists. All I see is whiteness and a few coloured rectangles. It's a good thing I learned touch typing in high school. I'm trying my best and although I have a number of  blogs and adventures in the works, I'm currently obsessed with one vision.

Yesterday, I went to have my eyes measured. As I walked into the office, the receptionist said, "I've had a cancellation."

"Yes," I announced before she could finish her statement. She grinned clearly sensing my desparation.

I am now getting my first and worst eye done next Thursday the 18th, My second on January 6.

Will this mean no more inside out clothes, mismatched socks and senior behaviours? Probably not, but I'm hoping it will make life in general easier and less stressful.

I opted for the laser measurement at an extra $200 per eye. It consisted of putting my chin on a rest and staring at some red dots and flickering lights. Then, there was a bright light that looked like an eyeball. It was no big deal and I was able to avoid blinking most of the time. This was done for each eye and then the printer spewed out the results. eye had to be remeasured.

After that, I was given some gooey drops and an ultrasound was used for some further testing. I have a slight astigmatism which will apparently worsen with this surgery. Would I like a procedure to correct this or would I prefer to wear stronger glasses?

Since I currently don't need distance glasses, I decided, "Sure, why not?" OK....another $275 per eye. Oh well, I'm not planning a vacation this year anyhow and eyes are more important.

Finally, came lenses. OHIP used to cover a certain lens but then found cheaper ones. If I want the better lenses formerly covered it will cost.... $85 per eye.  Total for the two eyes...well worth it at $1120, I think...unless my mental math is as off as my vision.

The procedure was explained to me. "Start using the prescriptions on Monday. There'll be no hospital gown so wear a shirt that opens at the front (yayyy, shopping since I don't own one). Call the hospital with your credit card number for lenses with night vision. Phone the family doctor and make sure you have the form filled out before next Thursday. Call the optometrist and make an appointment for a week after surgery (Um...Christmas Day?). Do not take diabetic medication. Do take any other drugs on the day of the procedure. Do not eat or drink after midnight aforementioned drugs excepted".....and so on and so on.

"Wow...lots to remember. Glad I'm not any older". I said. She chuckled. I appreciated it since nobody laughs at my jokes anymore (another sure sign of old age).

"If you're not a candidate for the astigmitism procedure, the doctor will tell you."

"OK...Do I then get a refund or at least some air miles?" I asked...another chuckle.

"Yes", she responded. Handed me a huge envelope full of info to attempt to read before next Thursday and wished me good luck.

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