Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why Do Some Things Just Seem Wrong?

My friend gave us this flowering plant in December. It's lovely and it's still blooming. Lest there be any doubt, it's June now. The plant looked passable in the midst of my red and white Valentine's motif. It appeared out of place with my pink, turquoise, purple and yellow Easter decorations. It seemed downright strange when the tulips and daffodils bloomed outside the window and now that it's almost summer, well, it's just wrong.

One of my favourite Robert Fulghum short stories comes to mind. I remember learning about his poinsetta (he insisted on spelling it that way) adventures from the book "Maybe (Maybe Not)". I was sitting in a waiting room at the time of reading and getting some strange looks as his words made me laugh out loud. He described his many efforts and lack of success in attempting to dispose of his annual poinsettia. The only difference was that his was gone one way or the other by March. Ours is here. It's June. Did I already mention that?

I have "googled" poinsettia to find out what to expect. There's site after site giving details on how to care for this plant and how to prolong its life. Not what I had in mind. I could have written those myself. There are mutitudinous photos of poinsettias. I know what they look like thanks. I have one in my living June! Finally, I found it. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you wikipedia. Once I got past the biology, the history and the folklore, it was all spelled out for me, right there. "Daytime temperatures in excess of 21 C tend to shorten the life of the plant." We have now had two consecutive days in the upper 20's. May the heat continue.

Finally, I can stop obsessing about the out of season poinsettia and get on with thinking about some serious June playoffs. First game tonight!

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