Monday, June 27, 2011

Pirate Progress (2) Argghh...

Back to the thrift shop I went. There were no frilly shirts available but I found a strange, meshy kind of thing in the men's section. It looked expensive "Sunveil Sunwear", made in Canada. I spent $3. I also trekked to the dollar store for some doilies. Having found some white lacy ones...4 in a pack, I headed home and got out the sewing needle. I made a removable bib with snaps for the front of the shirt. Then, I created some poofy sleeves with velcro attachments and sewed on more doilies around the wrists.

I cut the shiny pants and shortened them to knee length. Then I stitched a hem, inserted elastic and pulled it tight to create puffy pirate pants. Again, I was fortunate. During one trip to the dollar store I located long socks, a patch and fake sword. I already owned a suitable studded hemp and leather belt and had a pirate hat in my clothing and costume collection. I will take it to my son's today and make sure everything fits and works as planned. I still need to create some semblance of long vest/cover. This morning, I had an idea as I was eyeing my nightie. The belt can be worn on the outside of the not yet created vest.
This is what I have so far.
In the back of my mind I'm imagining a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder. I have been searching for one of those stuffed feathered friends that is usually available everywhere, but I have been unsuccessful. I'm wondering whether what I did find (below) can pass for a parrot. It squeaks and would be funny. I like a touch of humour. Anyhow, I also have to work out how it would "sit" on the shoulder of the soon to be created vest.


  1. Very cool...though I'm still trying to find the words about using your nightie as a costume inspiration.