Monday, June 13, 2011

Sing with me..."I'm Dreaming of Some Clean Storage..."

I am cleaning the storage room. This is good because it's only June.

Every year as Christmas approaches, I dig out my strings of lights, my beautiful fake tree, my skillfully collected ornaments, my bins of wrap and ribbon, my antique ceramic cherubs, my lovely scented candle tapers and my fine linens and I say, "I'm going to clean this stuff up and sort it out after Christmas."

Then, every year after Christmas, I rush to put away the strings of broken lights, the less than lovely fake tree, the junky collection of ornaments, my disorganized bins of wrapping and ribbon scraps, my faded, chipped ceramic angels, my half melted warped candles and my semi clean, somewhat worn, slightly stained linens. "I'll sort it all out before Christmas next year", I say.

And so the cycle continues.

An opportunity has arisen. It is a great chance to rid myself once and for all, of the regrets that I would normally unearth some time in November. The local hospital shop is having a "Christmas in June" sale. They are looking for seasonal "stuff". Boy do I have "stuff"!

Today has been a dull, dreary day. Zumba is finished. Lunch is done. Excuses have run out. I have just over one week to organize and clean the storage room, sorting out and delivering the Christmas materials to the store. So far, I have only cleaned the bins and outlying floor and shelf areas containing ribbon, tissue paper, gift bags, package toppers, tape, glue sticks and other assorted wrapping materials. I have one bag of ribbon to donate. It took me two hours.

I need a break.  I'm tired of this. Maybe I'll take a nap. I think I'll write a blog, then go for some zzzz's.

I wonder whether many people will take this opportunity to sort through their Christmas paraphernalia. I suppose, there might be those trendy folks who will be changing their theme colour for next year. They might welcome this disposal opportunity. How many people will take advantage of the sale to shop for Christmas items thus ending up with more things in their house? Is this a great money making idea or will the hospital shop get stuck with their own shelves upon shelves of unwanted Christmas items? So many questions.

Should I go back to work on the storage room now or not? Perhaps after I walk the dog. I need to go to the mailbox. I want a cup of tea. I haven't checked the tv all day. There might be some important new health information from Dr. Oz.

Maybe I'll just wait until November and sort out the rest of my Christmas items when I'm ready to use them. In the meantime, I'd better mark the 24th on the calendar...never know what seasonal essentials might be available for sale.

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