Monday, June 27, 2011

The Finished Pirate Product...(3)...Arrghh

I was on my way to transport the almost finished pirate costume to where my son works. We still needed to create some type of vest. On the way, I saw a sign. It said 50% off at Value Village. My car seemed to veer off in the direction of this particular thrift shop. It was crowded and chaotic. I found vests. In fact, I found I fabulous vest. I located a Danier leather, black, longish vest marked at a mere $5.99. I got it for half price...$3.00...awesome.

We already knew that the pants would fit, so it was a matter of trying on the shirt and the new vest. He put it on over his tee and I demonstrated how the "bib" and the sleeves functioned. He has enough tattoos and facial hair to look pretty realistic. Here's what he looked like after he added the hat and belt.

We decided that since he would now turn into a more elegant type pirate with the velour and fur hat, the lace shirt, the leather vest, the shiny pants (still in the bag), and the leggings, that the bird was no longer necessary. This solved the problem of how I was going to attach the toucan/parrot squeaky dog toy to his shoulder. In fact, it solved several problems.

Amber is examining her new squeaky toy.
Final cost of complete costume. Shirt $3 plus $1 for doilies. I already had buttons and snaps in my collection. Pants $3 plus $1 for elastic. Leather vest half price $3 at Value Village. Leggings with large buttons $2, eye patch $1 at party store. Pirate paraphernalia...rubber knife, coins etc.were on a large cardboard in the kids' toy section of Dollarama $1. The stretchy belt, bandannas, pirate hat and other  items not necessarily seen here were in mom's costume collection. Total pirate price $15. 
Party Time

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