Sunday, June 26, 2011

Piat to Pirate - Part 1 - Arghhhh...

My son recently texted me and asked for a large favour before next Thursday. Uh oh, I thought, remembering a friend's warning words. "When they ask for a favour, they always want money." Not so on this occasion.

"I don't have time, so can you help me make a pirate costume?" he asked. The words "help me" and "I don't have time" told me that I would be tackling this project myself.

"Err...sure, I can try," I responded, trying to recall whether any of my three costume bins contained pirate items. "This isn't the best time of year to try to assemble a costume." I said.

"Yeah, I know but I'm going to a party and I need it. Can you make it kind of like Captain Hook?"

My head started spinning. Suddenly this project took on a whole new dimension...long red coat with gold braiding and buttons, monstrous hat with feather, boots, white leggings, shiny pants and a "Seinfeld" puffy shirt.

"Sure, I'll try." I responded wishing that he had just requested something simple... like money.

I picked up a couple of pairs of black sateen pants at a thrift store and headed to my son's house for sizing.

"Pirates wore shiny pants?" he questioned.

As I tried to explain Captain Hook and his elegant wardrobe, I realized that "the boy" was in fact unaware of what he was asking. I had once again failed as a mother. How could he not know what Captain Hook looked like? I quizzed him further to become more clear on his thoughts and plans.

"Ok, you're wearing slip on brown plaid running shoes, no boots?  Perhaps we needed to go for a less formal pirate...shredded zig zags at the bottom of the pants, stripey socks, a vest, a bandana but still the puffy shirt," I suggested.

I left his place with pants, just pants and no further idea how to proceed.

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