Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canine Clamour

All winter long, hubby pointed out that our bird feeders were left untouched. I am happy to report that the birds have gradually returned. Not only the birds, but all manner of wildlife is showing up in our neighbourhood. I know this is not unusual for some of our family and friends who live in more rural, northern or wooded environs. We, however, live in a town near a super highway, in an area that appears to be turning into a rainforest. Trees and plants have morphed into monstrosities. It's still been a bit cool but we've had maximum humidity and lots of fog and precipitation for much of June.

Recently, there was a large, long legged bird on a neighbour's roof...either a blue heron or a pterodactyl. There have been foxes, cougars and deer sightings in the area. Our feathered and furry backyard friends, along with a few frogs make our yard look like a forest scene in a Disney cartoon.

One critter which we have noted on a daily basis is Charlie the Chipmunk. He lives below our back porch and frequently opts to walk across the deck, much to the dismay of Amber, our mini dachshund.

Amber, has been very active especially when she spots her buddy Charlie crossing her territory. She barks and barks as Charlie taunts her by clinging to the wall above her head or hides between an inaccessible pile
of bricks, a ladder and a wheelbarrow. She is not to be deterred from tracking this sunflower seedy-breathed rodent. She yips and yaps until hubby finally retrieves her by dislodging her nose from between the folded up ladder rungs.

I'm not certain what Amber would do if she ever got close enough to Charlie to consider capturing him. So far, there is no likelihood of any white flags being dangled from any chipmunk housing development. Charlie definitely has the upper hand.

As I write this, Charlie is sitting on our bedroom window ledge looking down at the ground. Amber is staring up in disbelief. As usual, it's a standoff. Charlie is holding firm while Amber is barking, barking and barking. Charlie has no intention of relocating anytime soon. Our neighbours on the other hand, have decided to move.
"Hey Amber, catch me if you can."

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