Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weird Random Stuff

I often have odd random ideas, thoughts or queries. None ever provide me with enough insight or material about which to write an entire blog. They're just floating ideas, albeit strange ones. On the other hand I have decided to start a list which has now turned into a blog. Let's begin...

Why is it that after you take one tissue out of a hotel box of kleenex, you always end up with either the remaining beige ones or white ones with a blue stripe, both indicating the end of the box?

Do you think that expired, probiotic yogurt which has not been refrigerated for a day or so would make a person sick if they ate it?

Why do they have lots of drug advertisements plus a description of their 723 side effects during the evening t.v. news? Add to this the names of unknown magazines (eg " The Urban Wildlife Alien Hunter's Plumbing Magazine") which are said to describe the 723 side effects and more, in great detail.

Do all men put on their seatbelts after the car is moving?

Once they're finished pumping gas, why do some people have to wiggle, jiggle and fiddle in their car for 5 minutes before moving away from the pump?

In department stores, why is larger women's wear strategically situated either next to the maternity outfits or beside the extra small, petite, elf clothing?

Why are there signs on buildings and on the sides of buses advertising English classes or literacy classes for people who can't read or write?

Does the term "carpal tunnel syndrome" have anything to do with the fish?

And anecdote.

I asked hubby recently if he thought that the length of time it takes to dry one's hands under one of those blow dryers had a direct correlation to the length of time it takes to dry one's hair with a hairdryer. He looked mystified (often happens to people around me). I tried to explain but think I lost him.

"I notice that it only takes me a few seconds to dry my hands under one of those dryers. Lots of people use the hand dryer for a really long time and are still there after I'm gone. Since my hair takes no time to dry, I wonder whether there's a correlation. I think I'll have to look at people more closely. If they take a long time, I'll see if they have particularly thick hair or something." (Insert glassy eyed, mouth agape, baffled male stare here). Ah yes, my job here is done.

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