Friday, May 3, 2013

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

If anyone would like a business opportunity, I have one. Our town desperately and by desperately, I mean                  D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E-L-Y needs a nursery. I am talking about the kind with the greenhouse and all the plant paraphernalia that goes along with it. There are a couple of towns in close proximity and with all the new housing popping up, I'm certain this could be a thriving business.

I searched the GPS and found that the closest listed one is 18 km away...not that far, but also not too convenient.

Today, I attempted to purchase some flora for my planters and urns. Our local Metro store does not seem to be sporting any evidence that there'll be plant sales this year. The parking lot is still a parking lot and Zeller's, another of my former floral haunts is of course...gone!

I found a limited selection at Canadian Tire, spent half an hour carefully perusing and picking my items, only to discover there was no place to check out. I had to shove a massive dolly with my potential purchases across the entire store to the opposite end of where I had parked my car. The checkout line was lengthy, the register broken and the self checkouts were non functional. I gave up and trod back, leaving the flower, greenery and leaf laden cart where I found it.

Next I headed to a large chain department store which I was sure would suit my needs. Besides that, I was almost certain that I'd save money. Here's what I found on not one, but most shelves. Again, no checkout and the need to take any purchases which one might actually have, back into the store.
I looked at my calendar wondering whether it really was the month of May. Was I being too eager? I didn't think so, remembering previous years' plantings late in April. I thought back to the saying,  "April showers bring May flowers."  I also looked to see what type of clothing people were wearing in the warm 22C degree sun. I was satisfied that there ought to be some signs of plant life for sale...somewhere.

I felt uninspired to trek on, but I did. Next came a popular home improvement store, and another, and finally a grocery chain in the next town. There was limited evidence of anything either attractive or affordable. Hopeless!

At this point, I regretted abandoning my original cart of plants. The weekend weather would be lovely. I wanted to get started on my outdoor efforts. Dejected, I headed back to Canadian Tire and sheepishly wandered into the gardening section. Perhaps I could recreate my selections.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed the dolly, the exact same abandoned cart which I had left there several hours earlier. Not only were my choices still atop it, but there was now a cashier close by. I checked out and loaded my blooms into the car.

I just finished looking at the local newspaper. Hurrayyyyyyyyyy....I shall investigate further. I now know something our GPS and much of the local population doesn't. Hopefully,  "Mark's Greenhouse" does well.


  1. Doesn't YIG usually have a decent selection this time of year?

  2. I went there too. They had a limited supply, not quite what I wanted. On the other hand, I almost purchased a small fountain...tempting. :-)