Monday, May 20, 2013

Street Pianos - Cobourg

This is an amazingly cool idea.

Some time ago, I had read about it, but had forgotten until I was downtown recently. There I saw a piano on the street. It was the first one I'd noticed. The back was covered in pink tulle and the front, well, the front was just too cute for words. As I went near to take a photo, some giggling girls scurried away, having played their rendition of chopsticks.
Location King St. near Division on north side
Of course, as soon as I'd seen one, I wanted to find the other four. I looked up details about locations, donations and artists on the Cobourg tourism website and hoped that it would be relatively easy to add more to my blog and photo collection.

Today, I packed up the pup and went downtown. I checked the streets claiming to have the pianos in question. Perhaps they aren't all out yet. I found one more, just one, but it was spectacular...absolutely phenomenal. Here it is complete with a tree stump bench at the edge of Victoria Park.

On King St. south side across from the Park Theatre

Once I discover where there other three pianos are located, I will add the pictures. In the meantime, here is some further interesting information -

Found another one this past May 25th weekend while walking on the pathway near the water. That makes three. This particular one is covered with faces of musicians. The Beatles are on the top and I have as yet to figure out some of the rest.

Near the condos and road to the lighthouse

And then there were four. Today, June 10th, I removed the tarp from a piano on King St. outside Victoria Hall and I took these photos. I immediately replaced the cover after taking my pictures in order to protect the instrument from the ominous looking skies. The piano was colourful and had an appropriate opening curtain theatre theme painted on the front. The top and sides had posters depicting various live shows which have been performed at Victoria Hall.
King St. at the west side of Victoria Hall

I then went to Northumberland Mall in search of the final piano. I was told at the administrative offices that although it was supposed to arrive last week, nobody has seen it as yet. I await  number five in eager anticipation.
June 20 - Still waiting although I have recently heard a rumour that the mall piano had to be repainted because of a spelling error.
July 20 - One month later - I wanted to entitle this "Yes, We Have No Piano", but alas, that heading would be more entertaining for seniors, familiar with an old song. I was at the mall today. There's still no piano. I have no idea what happened to numero cinco, but I shall go to the administrative office on a weekday to check. I feel the need. I remember a time when my mother pulled up to a police officer directing traffic and asked him what the problem was. She wanted to know. I was embarrassed then. I understand it now. I think the understanding came along with my 60th birthday.

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  1. These are amazing! The owl one is especially neat looking. Are they coming back this summer?