Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cat Claw Blog

Today, I decided to give equal time to cats. After all, I completed a "Dog Blog" on Nov. 8, 2012 and I like cats. Sadly, I'm allergic to them, but still, I like them. They're calming. They create positive chi energy in a house. Unlike dogs, they are quiet. They don't charge around aimlessly like the other species unless provoked by catnip, an insect or fear. They amble. They purr soothingly. They use litter boxes. They can be left alone and are low maintenance.

I recently learned that it's no longer considered humane to declaw cats. As we all know, this creates a problem. Cats like to scratch. Buy them the most elaborate scratching trees, posts and castles and where do they opt to sharpen and shorten their claws? Not on the desired and designed items, but rather on carpet, curtains, leather furniture and high def t.v. sets. I know this for a fact. I've owned cats. Friends have had cats. Cats are still everywhere in my life.

My daughter has two cats. One is declawed. The second is not. Today I helped her attach an amazing discovery, nail caps, to the toenails of the clawed cat. I shall now describe the sequence of events. There are ten steps.

Warning -  It is important to proceed sequentially. Do not attempt to begin at Step #5. Skipping any prior steps could result in disaster.

Step #1

Go to ebay or to and purchase some nail caps. Wait for them to arrive.

Step #2

Once ready to proceed, create a small kibble reward pile on an elevated surface. This will help keep cat calm and amuse him/her later while caps dry.
Step #3

Empty packaging, admire the vivid colours, smooth surface, and sheen. Then count out desired number of nail caps. Remove lid from glue and assemble dropper attachment. Put caps near but do not mix with the kibble pile.
Step #4

Get help. An assistant is essential.
Step #5

Acquire a cat with claws, preferrably before it wreaks havoc (unlike this one). For the sake of everyone's health, some cats might require swaddling in a towel or blankie.

Step #6

Person not holding cat squeezes some of the non toxic glue into a nail cap. Person holding cat attempts to display one toenail (cat's not theirs). Slide cap onto toenail in same direction and angle of growth.

Step #7

Continue with each nail until one paw is complete. Reward cat with kibble while still holding him/her.

Step #8

Repeat process until all front claws are done. Then continue to hold cat for some minutes to ensure that caps are dry.

Step #9

Admire your handiwork then release cat from captivity.

 Step #10

Forget it. Just get a dog.

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