Friday, December 23, 2011

Tree Part Three

Ok, so I was being a bit sappy and overly dramatic in my last blog. For the past week, since the great "festival of trees" caper, I have been hearing nothing but nothing but "we need something in our front window...maybe some candles." We have searched from store to store for an item that would brighten up our large living room window and look good from inside and outside. The stars across the top don't seem to be quite enough. We thought of electric candles but the ones we saw were too short and somewhat chintzy.

After we went downtown and saw the lovely display of lights in the trees of the park, I started to hear, "maybe we should get a tree."
Victoria Park is spectacular
We were running out of time. I ventured out and picked up a cheap fake tree which sprouted plastic optic fibres off its tips. I put it in the window, plugged it in and watched the fibres change from red to blue to green. Then, I waited for it to be noticed and to see the reaction. I got none. Finally I had to say, "I did something and when you see it, let me know if you like it or if I should return it."
Another beautiful sunny day in December
The tree was the right height and the shape was good. The fibres were barely visible at night and totally invisible during the day. This wouldn't do. With two days left until Christmas, the plan changed. If we added a few lights and decorations, it just might work. First we found a string of white lights. Then I made a topper with ribbon and baubles which wouldn't interfere with the optic fibres on the tip.
With a little bit of digging through some bins of ornaments and white lights, we now have a Christmas tree inside and outside the living room window.
Our wedding tree is still visible outside

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