Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things To Do Before Midnight

Although routine is generally a challenge for me, twice a year, I do make a special effort to follow some kind of regimen. Those times are New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year's Eve. On those particular days, certain things need to happen. I suppose it all stems from tradition or even superstition. In my case, it's probably not a bad thing to retain these habits.

As I sit here, the laundry is washing. There is to be no dirty laundry in my house on January 1st. I will change and wash the linens after I've had my afternoon nap (necessary so that I might go out and stay up until midnight tonight). Dead plant parts or shrivelled flowers and leaves will be meeting the composter. The dishes will be washed and put away after our last meal, probably consisting of leftovers because the fridge needs to have those items removed. Garbage must go outside and into the bin. And of course, that final blog of the year that needs to be written.

Once all those things are done, I can linger in the bath, dress up for the evening and get ready to ring in 2012.

I do not subscribe to such beliefs as scaring away evil spirits through midnight fireworks and noisemakers. I think those are just fun things for outdoor celebrations and indoor parties. Since I am becoming more sensitive to sounds as I continue on my path toward the grumpier years, perhaps I'll be one of those who will be scared off from public events in the future.

Over the years, I have made my share of resolutions, a New Year's tradition for some. Very few have turned out as anticipated. I learned that making resolutions involving others rarely works. (eg. my grown children will move out of the house this year). Unrealistic resolutions are also usually unsuccessful. (eg. my grown children will move out of the house this year). Having said all that, there will be a New Year's resolution for 2012. Since it's not a "to do" requirement before midnight however, I will share it at a later time.

So as I now go off to fulfill the rest of my pre 2012 chores, I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a productive day followed by a Happy New Year.

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