Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Tree 2011

I do not have a Christmas tree in my living room this year. Not yet that is. I am waiting because I'm going to win a tree in two more days. This I know for a fact.

Each year, a local theatre holds a "Festival of Trees" fundraiser. It consists of a three week long display of decorated trees contributed by local clubs, groups and businesses. People are then able to view the exhibit and purchase ballots for a raffle in the hopes of winning their favourite tree. Each tree is more spectacular than the next. Besides trees, there are wreaths, a hand carved wooden train and a few other assorted items. The trees are many and varied. This year I saw a palm tree, a grapevine tree, a white tree and a plastic card tree along with many of the more traditionally decorated artificial varieties. There are 80 trees in all, filling the entrance and the hallways of the theatre with Christmas beauty and cheer.

I marvelled as I walked around viewing the elaborate efforts. There was a cookie tree containing gift certificates for baked goods, a toy tree, a veterinarian's tree with goodies for puppies and a tree donated by a dentist which was filled with dental products. There was a beautiful firefighter tree, which unfortunately was not covered in firefighters, but lovely nonetheless.

Although I put a few ballots into other tree boxes, I carefully selected "my" tree, making certain that the bulk of my tickets went into the appropriate container. Not only that, I folded each one twice in order to have the maximum number of points available for someone to draw out my ballot.

When I selected my tree, I based my choice on the numbers of lights and the overall effect and brightness. Ornaments can always be changed. My favourite was the simplest, shiniest one of all. As I looked down the line of trees, this tree called my name. It will look lovely in my living room window. Here is a photo of the tree which I am going to win at 4 p.m. on Sunday December 18th.

After steering hubby away from the gorgeous blue and turquoise trees which don't match our house decor, he also selected a nice tree. It was unusual, in a more modern style of gold and brown hues. It would also be o.k. in our living room window, not spectacular, but o.k. Coincidentally, it was located right next to my fabulous tree.

These two ballot boxes are currently stuffed with most of our tickets. So now, we wait. We wait until Sunday at 4 p.m. I will then look forward to showing photos of our prize winning tree and our lovely decorated living room. Then, we'll be all set for Christmas.

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