Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Hydro

It’s 8 a.m. Christmas morning. So why am I not cooking turkey, singing Christmas carols with Justin Bieber or unwrapping gifts with my family? Simple, our hydro is out. After just enough on and off flashes of light to leave our mini dachshund trembling, we sit in the dark. Despite the 7:48 sunrise, the overcast sky has made it pretty difficult to negotiate much of the house.

Since moving to this location, I have learned several things. Patience is certainly near the top of the list. Hubby and I were surprised at the many power outages during our first year here. We accepted it as part of the “small town” experience. There were enough advantages that we could overlook the minor inconvenience of resetting all of our clocks about once a month.

I understand that my distress is not nearly as great as that of the utility employees who now need leave their own families and get out there looking, yet again, for the problem. So I ask, why are there these constant issues? 

Despite my current frustration, I am grateful. I am grateful that I have lived to see another Christmas. I am grateful that it’s not too cold outside or there’d be a whole other issue. I am grateful for family and friends. But most of all, I am grateful for the birth of our Saviour and the opportunity to celebrate on this special day.

In a strange kind of way, I am even grateful for the dark and the quiet that is currently all around me. It has given me time to reflect.

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  1. Crazy Power!
    Hope it is back on soon

    Hope you and yoru family have a nice holiday