Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monday With Mona, Then Marilyn...

After completing my volunteer shift at ye olde hospital shoppe on Monday, I picked up my friend Mona and we took the train in to the big city (oooh, ahhhh, scary).  Prior to our journey, we carefully pored over the hotel reviews, looked at bedbug alerts (there were none) and then selected the finest downtown boutique hotel money could buy for under $140. Perhaps I should say the only hotel we could find for that price. Upon arrival at Union Station, we schlepped our small carry-ons up and down many staircases. We then released the handles and wheels and dragged our bags several blocks across the bumpy sidewalks, past a Canadian landmark, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and one block up the longest street in the world, until we arrived at the Hotel Victoria.            
We checked in, assaulted a poor young man in the elevator with our jokes and laughed our way to the penthouse suite on the 8th floor. Wow, it's not every day you get to live atop a skyscraper! We marvelled at the fabulousness of our hotel find.... huge room, wooden floors, poofy pillowed beds, flat screen tv, fridge and no mirrors, perfect! 

Of course, girls will be girls, so we started playing with the toys provided by the hotel. We were acting silly and taking photos before we realized that it was already 8:30 p.m. and we had not yet had dinner or the all essential drink. We were of course quite dehydrated after our long journey.

After walking the streets for almost an hour, we finally found a suitable place to

Bright and early the next morning, we checked out, stored our luggage and headed for the Marilyn Denis Show. We didn't want to miss the entry time on our ticket, 8:45 a.m. sharp. Although there was some confusion as to the subway stop name and the appropriate exit, we did eventually find several clues that suggested we were headed in the right direction.

Had someone told us that we had to go to the old CityTV, crashed car building, it would have made life simpler. We arrived early enough to go to the coffee shop across the street and chat with other excited Marilyn fans. It was amazing that people had travelled to the show from every part of the world, Brampton, Port Perry and even Grimsby. During the next hour there was a lot of standing and waiting in lines, but the whole process was pretty efficient considering the newness of the show. The audience co-ordinator Leanne was amazing, very knowledgeable and professional. By the time the programme started, everyone was more than happy to sit down.

We were fortunate enough to remain in the front row after the live show. They were taping two extra segments. One involved drooling by the women as Chef Ricardo of the Food Network showed us how to cook fish tacos. Just to clarify, the drooling was not over the fish. The second feature was exercising with trainer to the stars, Jackie Warner. She was well spoken, tiny, cute, muscular and more than half naked. Hopefully, they didn't take too many shots of my fluffy "before" body in the background. I'll be unwrapping the cello cover on my free gift "Jackie" exercise dvd one of these days. As the show ended, those who brought cameras were promised one, just one photo with Marilyn. No retakes, so sadly, here's our shot.By the way, we were wearing walking shoes. She had on 3 inch spikes. All in all, it was a fun adventure.
Mona, Marilyn and Me after the show. We all look much better in person.


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