Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let's Play a Guessing Game

As I was cleaning out my email today, I noticed that my inbox contained the Spring copy of the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue.  On the cover was this nifty small, medium or large mystery object which had me very curious.
When I found out what it was, I laughed harder than when I saw Ellen Degeneres demonstrating the "As Seen on T.V." shake weight.

Look carefully and take a minute to guess....go on, don't be afraid, give it a shot and keep it clean. Be honest and remember that Hammacher Schlemmer sells unique gift items not inventions for the deviant. Feel free to comment on here or send me an email as to what you thought it was. After all, your ideas might be good for another blog.

 I will now confess that I thought it was some kind of exercise device. Hubby said it was clearly a branding iron to be used on a ranch. I think that if it had been to scale, I might have made a more informed guess.

The problem is that I am once again feeling my age. I am definitely "out of the loop" and thinking in terms of the wrong generation which is why I laughed so hard. I felt a bit of discomfort combined with embarassment at not knowing something so obvious in this current age of rapid moving technology.

So, what is it?  It's described on page 69 of the catalogue as a "Bluetooth Headset Camcorder". In other words, it hooks over your ear and the white part is a camera which records items wherever it is pointed. It then sends them to your iphone or smartphone where they can be instantly broadcast over facebook or youtube. So much for the camcorders, video cameras and movie cameras of the last century.

Sadly, privacy is rapidly becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs.

I have been cleaning up my email by unsubscribing to a lot of mailings. I was about to include Hammacher Schlemmer, but have now changed my mind. Their products are far too interesting not to mention "educational". Perhaps they'll help me to at least lurk at the outer edge of "the loop".

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