Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates - Diet, Samples & Streetwalking

Here are updates on some of my former blogs "Why Weight...Confessions", "But...But...But It Was Free", and "Streetwalking...the oldest."


One week of my new lifestyle is over. The first few days were a bit of a struggle, in part because of a rather large slab of apple streusel cake that I had previously baked. Then I decided, there's nothing wrong with having one piece. I am keeping a calorie tally each day and trying to stay below 1200. It doesn't work to have a slice of cake, eat healthfully and stay below that level of consumption for the day. No more cake for me.

A lucky find
While I was driving through town last week, I was fortunate to observe this sign. What a great find. This could be the best free sample of all time. I immediately entered "Curves" and learned that this was in fact a free month and that I did not need to sign up for ten years in order to take advantage of this promotion.

I have now completed their half hour circuit seven
times, worked out at my old gym twice and gone to Zumba with a friend in a nearby town. I've even managed a few trips around the block with the dog and a half hour of Wii Fit.

I am 3 pounds lighter than I was one week ago. It's hard work and  I have found that keeping a "downward" progress graph helps with my motivation. Since a pound of muscle burns twelve times more calories than a pound of fat, I have determined that I will have to increase my exercise levels.

creams, laundry stuff & propaganda

My treasure trove of samples continues to arrive. I am so excited by the loot each day that I am actually combining dog walking exercise with going to check the mailbox myself. Now that I'm into the "free sample" swing of things, I have reached the conclusion that maybe I don't need to order everything there is. For example, today I resisted acquiring a pair of "Underjams" for kids. I can only assume they are some kind of diaper/training pant type of item. On the other hand, perhaps I should have ordered it just to keep myself informed about the latest greatest in diaper technology.                                          
cutest little teeny kleenex box ever
meat for dinner tonight

Today, I learned that I have acquired free tickets to a t.v. programme. On March 29th, I will be going to see the "Marilyn Denis Show" on CTV where I will hopefully receive a fabulous audience prize.
I have not yet finished exploring this town and walking on all streets. I completed about 2/3 of the streets when life, a few vacations, illness and a nasty cold, snowy, winter got in the way. I plan to finish what I started and I still have my old map marked with roads that I've completed. The many new streets and housing developments that have popped up in the last year will add to my adventures.

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