Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's A Dog's Life

I am not now, nor have I ever been a "dog person". Perhaps it's because I'm allergic to all things furry and feathery. Maybe it's because my mom was deathly afraid of dogs. In my opinion, dogs require too much care and attention, are a huge responsibility and a big expense. Having said all that, and before the world's dog owners pounce on me and call me an evil dog hater, know that I am not. I will say that I understand. I really do. I get it. It's that whole issue of unconditional love when you're feeling unloved, unlovable and unworthy. It's the sense of being needed and depended upon. And of course, dogs, unlike some human offspring are responsive, appreciative and you can teach them things. Should you accidentally kick a dog, the dog apologizes by whining and allowing you to pet it. It then transfers your guilt onto itself for having been in your way. Nonetheless, I would never deliberately own a dog.

dog in, Amber
Currently, I'm a stepmom to a dog. I like this dog. She's cute, she's clever and she's funny. I enjoy having her around. I brush her and trim her. I cook meals for her and I talk to her. I take her for walks and on squirrel hunts. I scoop her poop and I play with her. I've even considered writing a children's book about her. I can see it now, "Amber's Antics" or "Dachsie's Dilemma". Perhaps I could create a whole series. 

I have recently researched dog idioms. Apparently many of the expressions about dogs originated during a time long ago when dogs were not treated as they are nowadays. Dogs were used for work and usually had to live outdoors in harsh conditions, fighting for food and survival. The term "it's a dog's life" and many others were once used to refer to a difficult and challenging existence. Just think about any phrases that you've heard from "hair of the dog" to "see a man about a dog" and "tail wagging the dog". There are dozens.

"Let's let sleeping dogs lie."
I believe that lots of  our well known canine quotes have quite a different meaning in today's culture. I'll let you be the judge. Here are my photo illustrations and observations of the true meaning of, "It's a dog's life".
"It's a dog's breakfast"
Veggies, potatoes and steak? 

"Love me, love my dog" or
   in this case my lapdog.
 "Fighting like dogs and cats."
Yeah, right.
"It's raining cats and dogs."
(with coats)


"She's a bird dog."
"It's a dog eat dog world."

"Every dog has her day."


"Like a dog with a bone."

Yes indeed, "It's A Dog's Life."




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