Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Come Sail Away !

This month was hubby's birthday. Every year, I've been at a loss. I've struggled. I've surveyed friends and family. I'd have no idea what to get him because he buys everything for himself. It used to be fun and easy for me to get gifts for people. Not so any longer, particularly when it comes to my spouse.

This year, we were planning to be away for his birthday. Should I have wine sent to our ship stateroom? Should I have balloons plastered on the door? Nope, I had a better idea. I was thrilled when an idea came to me out of the blue.

Knowing that his friend who lives in our town would be moving away later in the year, and knowing that he was also an artist whose work hubby had previously admired, I had a plan.

I phoned and asked, "David, do you by any chance have some paintings for sale?" He did.

He invited me to visit and have a look at his collection. It was magnificent. What a talent. I heard that he had no formal training but always liked to paint and experiment. I knew that he had sold pieces at exhibits before and could see why. I heard stories about some of the paintings which were displayed on his wall. I was also told that many were not for sale.

One piece that struck me as I walked into the house was a very large painting of a sailboat in a storm. "That's my boat," he said.

I recognized it as one on which hubby had been invited to sail from time to time. I also remembered hearing about the huge waves on their last multi day journey together. I decided that this was the perfect gift. Not only would it remind him of sailing, but it would be special since it was created by his friend David. I made the original acrylic, three feet by four feet, quite large.

I had to somehow get this to hubby or him to it, prior to our planned cruise, so I dreamed up another scheme.  David suggested that we come to the house for a drink and pick up the painting. Good idea, I thought. Hubby was busy and didn't want to go but I insisted. While there, his friend asked for hubby's help removing the art from the wall. At that point, we said, "Happy early birthday."

Not only did I get him a gift that we both like, he received something with memories...something with connections to the past and to his friend. I was pleased and so was he.

This photo does not do the piece justice. It's terrific with lovely colours and movement. Sometime, I'll take a photo of it next to something else for perspective.

We never did go on the cruise. We were home and hubby baked his own birthday cake, but that's another story.

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