Saturday, May 23, 2015

Charity Begins With Saving The Environment

Today, I got frustrated to the point of acting. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. I remember that my dad complained about this same problem. It was an issue I didn't seem to have until recent years. The problem? Charities requesting money.

I don't care if a charity has an annual campaign for money...once a year as the word annual would suggest. I don't even mind if they send out a request in the spring and then perhaps the fall as a reminder before tax deadlines. They can go ahead and have walks, sell flower, row boats, have telethons, and do whatever else it takes to raise money. I am fed up though, with groups sending monthly or even more frequent mailings. It's too much. It's a waste. If I wanted to make monthly donations, I would do so with the first letter suggesting that people could have monthly amounts deducted from their credit card.

Furthermore, I don't need a certificate at the end of the year thanking me for donating. It's yet another way to waste paper, trees and money.

I remember the year my dad saved all his fund raising mail. I believe he ended up with over 300 letters...ridiculous. I tried to do the same last year, but got too annoyed as they piled up early in the year.
Not only that, it's always necessary to shred these requests because they usually contain personal information.

Today, I am sending out my annual donations. With each one, I'll include the following letter.

To whom it may concern,
     Please be advised that I am enclosing my donation for the year 2015. Please do not waste any further paper, postage, or manpower to send me more requests for funds. There will be nothing else coming your way in 2015.

      Should my wishes not be honoured, I will refuse to donate to your organization next year. The mountains of mailings which I receive are a waste of time and resources. I have just spent an entire Saturday, shredding requests for money.

     Thank you in advance for your understanding.

I am wondering whether this will work. Let's hope someone reads what I wrote and that my junk mail will decrease. If it doesn't, their donations definitely will.

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