Monday, April 15, 2013

Something Fishy's Going On...Or Not !

I noticed an annual event listed in last Thursday's newspaper. I've always been curious about it so on Saturday morning, I decided to go and investigate. I found nothing more than a truck and a retired letter carrier named Jim. He informed me that for the first time in forty years, this event was cancelled. Forty years! Imagine. This year, I finally went and it was cancelled.

So, what was cancelled and why?

Every year in early April, volunteers are asked to come to Cobourg Creek and help five ministry personnel with the trout. High school students are able to earn community service hours. Curious onlookers have opportunities to photograph and learn. Anyone with hip waders can assist. They weigh, measure and help the trout by creating a human fish ladder. This enables the fish to venture further upstream, beyond a waterfall to spawn. Fascinating. Last year, there were 400 fish helped over the waterfall using nets and pulleys.

I continued to quiz Jim and learned quite a bit. The water was too high and rushing too fiercely on this day for any fishy activities. I asked when it would happen. "Next year", Jim responded. I was disheartened but not dissuaded. I wanted pictures. I headed toward the falls and watched as the fish repeatedly beat their heads against the rushing wall of water in a futile attempt to fly.

 After a few hundred attempts at pictures, I actually managed to capture some fish photos with my camera. I climbed rocks, perched on a concrete dam barrier and clung to tree branches.
View from the top down
Making a run at it
I think I can I think I can....
Perhaps a giant leap?
Missed again
I'll try to attend next year. On the other hand, do I really want to watch the people or did I see the best part....the fish?

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