Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Woman, New Look

I missed the hippie years. I missed them by only a few, but I missed them nonetheless. I was not a participant in Woodstock although I remember the music...brown cover, two record LP. I'm not certain whether the correct spelling is hippy or hippie. I suspect the former is more likely a body shape, the latter, a description of a participant during a memorable era.

Recently, I informed hubby that I'm going to change my "look". After all, I'm old now and can do whatever I want. Nobody will think it's weird. I'd barely be noticed in a big city. In this small town, they'll just label me eccentric. On the other hand, I doubt I'll fall into the category of the fellow who walks around in the wizard costume or the jogger with the knee length Santa beard and long hair.
I showed hubby the look that I'm going for after seeing a similar outfit in a magazine. He gagged, sputtered briefly, bit his tongue in restraint and informed me that it would be fine, "around the house." Nope. Style is style. Once I commit, it will have to be all the time.

So where do hippies fit into all this? I can only imagine that the "look" I'm going for will be a combo of hippie, gardening diva, shabby chic and just plain...Annie Hall meets Iris Apfel. I would have been a wonderful flower child. I feel deprived.

I'm excited. Long gone has been the need for thematic socks, earrings and shirts. Gone also will be the senior retiree tees, yoga pants and polyesters. Sandals, baggy dresses and covers, harem pants, handkerchief and car wash skirts, layers of fabric, linens and perhaps even the occasional hat will become the norm. I'll work with items already in my closet, and although it's a look better left to the long and lean of the population, I don't care. I want to dress this way. I've never been long and lean...not at the same time anyhow. I never will be.

Think I won't do it? In the immortal words of everyone named Trudeau, " Just watch me!"

I found a few Canadian garment sites to model myself after. The official look is called "avante-guard". Rather than Hildegard, perhaps I'll change my name to Avanteguard. 



Oh....and lets not forget these shoes. Wonder if they come in shoe box widths?


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