Sunday, March 17, 2013

That's What A Friend Is - Part 2

I have one really good friend who fits almost all the "....Friend - Part 1" criteria. We have known each other for many years. We've worked together. We've studied together. We've attended conferences and we've partied together. We've gone to galleries, taken courses and seen live performances together. We've baked, picked, pickled and cooked together. We've shared our child rearing successes and frustrations. We've discussed our philosophies, enjoyed experiences and talked about regrets. Sometimes, we just "hang out". Often we simply sip some wine and laugh.

This  week, we had one of those times. After chatting on the phone about many things, I happened to mention that I wanted to go to Honest Ed's. I lived near that store as a child and just felt like going back and visiting the area.

"I want to go too," my friend said excitedly. "Let's go during March Break."

Realizing that this was likely a place where we could go during the break that wouldn't be filled with children, we made a date. As soon as we arrived, it began. There was a funhouse mirror at the entrance. We laughed as we attempted to pose for photos.



We didn't understand the enormity of the store. There were stairs going up and down and and connecting walkways. Everywhere we looked there were decorations, antiques and treasures.
All items were unique, disturbing or just weird.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said in one of his quotes."It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."  We were, and it was a blast.

We spent a total of four hours and realized well into the afternoon that we needed to go and have some lunch. When we saw this clipping about Ed's annual turkey giveaway, I mentioned that I always wanted to line up for this. (blog "Turkey Time", Nov. 29, 2012) It's still on my bucket list. My friend immediately announced that she'd go and line up with me. In fact, we decided that I'd go into the city the night before and we'd head out early. Hurrayyyyyyy...Christmas 2013 it is!

And as the story by P.K. Hallinan says.....

    "You can laugh. You can cry. You can watch cars go by. You can have a great time and not even try! A friend is a person who likes to be there... 'cause you two make a wonderful pair! And when all's said and done, the natural end is...a friend is a friend...That's what a friend is!"

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