Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book Clubs

I know many people who have joined book clubs. I have one friend specifically who has belonged to various groups over the years. She has travelled far and wide to attend discussions about these readings. From time to time, I have asked her for a book list and I have enjoyed some of the offerings. I have thought about joining a similar group. On the one hand, it would force me to read things which are not in my usual repertoire. On the other hand, I'm not certain that I would then enjoy meeting with a group of people to discuss the books at length. That would remind me too much of high school English classes, where you hated all literature once it was analyzed ad infinitum.

Recently, I was considering joining my friend yet again. I looked over the book list. I read summaries of the selections. As a result, I sent her this letter. She suggested I turn it into a blog.

Guten Tag,

I hope your day is spectacularly lovely. I'm confessing now that I'm probably not enough of a scholar to attend a book club. I have a hassock full of pocket books, non fiction and novels (I love used book stores), which I plan to read this year. A few are non fiction and the fiction, sadly are of a "lighter" nature. I like mysteries, crime, historical, social issues, Amish romances...realistic stuff like that. Don't get me wrong, I have read some award winners and excellent pieces of literature since my Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins years. I'm not a total flake.

Soooooooooo, the jury's still out on the possibility of the book club. I looked up the titles and there's not much diversity there. They all have a common thread and similarly weird themes (futuristic/other world/doomsday) which I have trouble buying into. I can't read books if they're based on implausible presumptions. I have absolutely no imagination whatsoever. Also, I don't do fairies, fantasies, varmints or vampires. I think my interests lie somewhere on the spectrum between Harlequin and Herzog.

 I 'm tired now...was up until midnight reading a piece of by Jude Devreaux. Sheesh, Perhaps I should join a book club and read more high brow stuff.

                                                                ya'...take care. Auf wiedersehen. H

I did not make it to the book club meeting. Now I kind of wish I had. I'm thinking it might be a fun social event and an opportunity to spend time with a friend. Oh well, back I go to my hassock. I shall try to put a dent in my collection now by reading the latest Robards mystery.

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  1. I moderate a book group and let me just say that each group is different. For one, we don't call ourselves a 'club' because we don't want people to feel excluded or that they have to 'join the club' to stop into one of our meetings.

    Secondly, we read all over the map. We try to make sure that we read some non-fiction, something 'classic', and one speculative fiction (re: science fiction-ish) work every year. We're very picky with our choices in general. The selection has to be about a topic worth discussing. Our choices are usually more 'literature' than 'fiction'. Many have usually been on the bestseller listings at some point, so they're not to stuffy or difficult to get through. Plus, we have a page limitation; we try to keep our choices to under 400 pages so that most people can get through the book within the month between meetings.

    Funny, I haven't written to my own blog in months but I think I'll take the guts of this comment and post it. Thanks for the inspiration!