Thursday, January 3, 2013

What's Your Resolution?

Did you make a resolution this year? Every January, it's the same old thing. People make resolutions which last for varying lengths of time. Their resolutions rarely become a lifestyle change.

The stores are laden with "on sale" exercise equipment for those who think that this is the year when they'll finally get fit. People will haul home treadmills, elipticals and weights only to discover after awhile that these items are a massive waste of space. Just like the kids' toys at Christmas, interest eventually wanes. Hurrayyy for all those garage sales a few months later! There are bargains to be had for anyone who wishes to hold off on, or restart their resolution in the summer. Similarly gym memberships skyrocket and the "regulars" have to fight for their favourite machines in January. Not to worry. It doesn't last that long, although I must say that last year, there were holdouts well into Valentine's Day before things returned to normal.

Then there are the people who vow to quit something. Quit smoking, quit drinking, quit eating in the car. The quitters. The easiest thing to do is to quit. Let's quit trying.

I was reminded of another favourite as I walked through a store today. Many deem that this is the year that they'll get organized. The bins, the baskets, the storage containers are everywhere. I have at least one friend who has a mountain of empty bins. They're being stored, waiting. What are they waiting for? Perhaps next January's resolution. After all, she'll have a head start because she won't have to go shopping for bins first right?

Interesting isn't it? Our values seem to change somewhat as we age. Gone are the promises to cut out bad habits. We've all heard the joke "I resolve not to make any resolutions ha,ha" once too often. Instead we keep our ideas to ourselves. Perhaps we have thoughts of resolutions of a more intrinsic nature. Try to be a better listener, or perhaps a nicer friend, try be kinder, more generous and so on. Whatever we decide, we no longer like to tell. On the other hand, if we've become cynical, we lose interest in even trying to better ourselves by making a resolution. After all, we know how it will most likely end.

So my resolution this year was an easy one. It was one that I knew I could keep. I resolved to keep experiencing new things. Today, I had an unusual occurance. I had my first visit ever to a physiotherapist. I can't imagine why I haven't wanted to go sooner. What better way to spend the morning than to have toilet plungers pulsating on your aching knee? At least this activity has helped keep my resolution intact.


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