Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say What?

My daughter rarely complains about food. She's a fish eating vegetarian, a pescetarian. When all else fails, she eats dessert, all kinds of dessert. Recently, I've been receiving text messages in which she has been describing her Curacao food experiences.

Her messages look much like this. "All the food here is disgusting." or "It's impossible to be fat here."

Since I found the food to be quite acceptable while I was visiting, I wondered what the problem was. She did recount a trip to Burger King for a veggie burger. She said it was passable, but she wouldn't go out of her way to get it. The best part of eating there was seeing goats walking around outside. There was also a Japanese restaurant with outstanding sushi in the Rif Fort area. The problem is, that fine dining is not in her student budget and this was a bit of a splurge.

I asked whether she'd shopped at the floating market. Venezuelan boats arrive daily with fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. She hadn't. She had only been to the "real" supermarket where she located some veggie meatballs and some burritos. Oh, and her salads consisted of a lot of spinach. Spinach was easier to find than lettuce.

Today, I received information from her about the water. Interesting. She's been drinking a lot of tap water since it's safe to drink and in her words, "sooooo good". It is distilled from the sea. When she bought bottled water, it too was "gross".

For all my rants about technology, I have to admit, it has its uses, many uses. For one thing, it's been nice to communicate from so far away by texting and the occasional email.

Tonight, a message arrived on my cell phone. Since I am not of an age where this phone is one of my appendages, I didn't see it immediately in order to come to the rescue. Judging from this, the salads too are starting to get tiresome.

Here's the message. I'm still laughing.

"My internet is broken, how do I cook spinach?"

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