Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writer's Block or Blockhead Writer?

 A number of years ago I went to one of those psychic fairs. A fortune teller or whatever they call themselves said I would have a new career late in life, kind of like Grandma Moses. He wasn't too clear on what he considered "late" in life nor did he say what type of career. Since that time, I have attempted cake decorating for fun, not profit. I have attended one, just one art class, I have done volunteer work although I don't think that's considered a career and I have written blogs. I even sent the occasional one to the newspaper, where it actually showed up in print.

I was notified recently that I would be writing a monthly column for our local newspaper. I was ecstatic. I was excited. I had sent in some of my writing which would be published in January and then I was to be responsible for one additional 400 word piece each month. My topic would be "community and human interest issues".

Realizing that my first submission (from a recent blog) was over 800 words, I became concerned. Who would be cutting down the words? I knew there were things I could remove and condense and still make my point. I requested the opportunity to do this and received kind notice that it would be fine. After struggling for an entire weekend, I managed to reduce my piece to 540 words and I resubmitted it. I have no idea what will happen to it now. I wish they'd just publish it as is rather than feeling the need to add what can only be an unflattering photo.

So now, the pressure is on. I need to find more writing topics. Has this ever been a problem for me before? Why am I stumped, frightened and confused now? Was this a huge mistake? Can I do it? Whatever made me think I could write anything someone would want to read? Hubby reassured me saying I probably have enough blog topics I could recycle for a year's worth of columns.

For February's column, I'll have to determine what is of community and human interest. Drat, Michelle Obama's hair will be old news by then. The cold weather will have eased off. Teachers will still be fighting the good fight, but nobody will want to hear about them.  Lance Armstrong...well, forget it. Hopefully, there'll be something new.

Wait, what did I just hear? A newscaster said "Alls I can say." Could this be a topic? Perhaps I can rant about the deterioration of the English language. Or, maybe I'll panic and just rework my silly piece about airplane seats. We shall see.


  1. I haven't yet found your technology post (rant?), but one topic comes to mind I think you'd be good at is how we've come to rely on computers fixing our language. We've both seen awful verbage in news headlines and text. Then too, there must be several examples of AutoCorrect in texting has caused a lot of embarrassing messages.

  2. Ha,ha..I have come to love autocorrect for my daily laugh. I went to get my daughter's birth certificate apostilled. Afterward, I sent her a message that said, "I've been to the embassy and your birth certificate has been sprinkled".