Friday, January 18, 2013

Curacao Part 2...I'm baaaaaack !

I have returned from Curacao. My next few blogs will be photos and comments about this most magnificent of islands.

I wrote a trip advisor review about one of our activities, "Eric's ATV Adventure". This is it.  Photos below.

“Awesome ATV Adventure!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 17 January 2013
I had seen the many excellent reviews on trip advisor and decided that this might be a fun thing to do with my two adult children. Since we were going to be in Willemstad for a week, I emailed Eric and requested a morning tour. I decided that morning would be a better choice because of the sun and heat. He booked us on a day with no cruise ship tours. Besides the three of us there was only one other young man in our group. Excellent. We were picked up by Eric himself at our hotel. On the way, he regaled us with fascinating stories about Curacao, his diving days, and his many friends. What an interesting and friendly man!

Our guide Marco started us off with a brief lesson on the care and feeding of the ATV. From then on, it was trial by fire as we immediately headed down a steep rocky hill. I got stuck, or perhaps paralyzed with fear. In fairness, I was the only driver over the age of 60. Besides, I was carrying a passenger, number one daughter. When my son yelled from his ATV, "stop driving like a granny," it was game on. Over the water, down roadways, through the bushes and splashing through puddles I went. Most fun I've had this year.

Along the way, we saw, luxurious Curacao housing. We then rode past the island's prison. We passed animals, dogs, chickens, goats. Then, we went to a scenic lookout which had a painting of a pair of eyes. When we headed to an aloe plantation, we received drinks, asked questions, and used restroom facilities. I purchased some anti-aging cream at a 20% discount and I already feel much younger. I can just imagine how great it'll be when I actually start to use it. Next we zoomed through an area which reminded the young'uns of a Mario kart game...winding pathways through water hazards. Our subsequent stop took us to an area where we walked uphill, then scaled a bit of a rock face. I hesitated, but was eager to see what was up there. It was a cave, a bat cave filled with bats and guano. Wow! As we exited the other side, we went up another path and found ourselves on a the edge of a cliff. Yet another fabulous view. There were colourful birds flitting through the trees. Climbing down was a bit more challenging but I made it. Along the way we saw lizards, snails, crabs and more. Yes, unfortunately there were some piles of trash as one reviewer noted, but that did not detract from the wonderful time we all had.

After we returned to the hotel, we washed off the mud and laughed at our unusual spotted suntans. Eric delivered a cd of photos to help us remember our adventure. He even came back a second time when he located my windbreaker in a compartment in the ATV.

Closed shoes are recommended and do not bring a lot of baggage. A small purse with a long strap, or if you must, a backpack would be best.

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