Monday, April 30, 2012

"C" is for Camisole

It seems to me that if someone professes to be a tailor, he should have some knowledge of all types of clothing. Either that, or when it comes to alterations on a female garment, make the simple statement, "I don't do women's clothing."

Since I have learned that it's sometimes difficult to find clothing in my size, "ample petite", I have on occasion had special items shortened locally...not a problem. 

Recently, I took a Linda Lundstrom camisole/tank type sleeveless shirt to an establishment of alterations which I have previously frequented. Lest there be any question, I would not own such a fabulous garment were it not for the hospital thrift shop where I volunteer and occasionally strike shopping gold.

I should have walked away when the gentleman in the shop asked "What is this?"

He stared quizzically and I responded, "It's a tank top or camisole."

"A what?" he inquired.

"A camisole." I repeated.

Insert 15 seconds of awkward silence here whereupon he said, "Could you spell that please?" I proceeded to spell the name of the garment as he wrote it on an invoice, then commented, "I've never heard that word before."

I explained that I wanted the white plastic zipper removed from the front. That's all.

"But it would be open," he commented.
Lundstrom outfit with offending plastic zipper
"Yes, that's fine." I answered, held up the top and demonstrated that the removal of the zipper would in no way cause a wardrobe malfunction which might frighten the town's elderly. "The zipper is up here on my body, so it's no problem. I just prefer an open space to wear a  pin or necklace rather than have a zipper there. So, just remove the zipper and do whatever needs to be done to clean up and make the seams on either side look good. Are you able to do that?"

"Oh yes, we can do it. It will be ready on Friday."

Today, hubby picked up the top and brought it home. My mouth agape, I stared in disbelief. The zipper was gone, yes. However, the entire front was sewn up and the seams at the top had been removed and were resewn over top. Not only that, they were resewn badly. There are loops of mismatched thread showing across the front of the shirt. I could have,(and frequently have), done that amateurish job myself!

I was perplexed. In fact, I was fairly confident that the camisole would no longer fit across my anatomy. Obviously, when a zipper is removed and the fabric is then sewn together, it makes the piece of clothing smaller. Shouldn't a tailor know that?

Here's how it looks now. The colour hasn't changed, it's just that I didn't use a flash so that the stitching would be more easily visible.
Lumpy bumpy stitching adds a nice touch....NOT
Close up of bad stitching loopies across the top
It occurred to me to go back, complain and/or try to get it fixed. I could even demand a refund although that's the least of my distress. The truth is, I don't want to go back. I'm afraid of letting him touch it any further. I don't even know if it still fits. I suppose I could always wear a different shirt with the outfit. Or, I could try to cover the flaws with my jacket and perhaps get a giant brooch for the front. If worst comes to worst, I could donate it back to the thrift shop where I got it.

What would you do?

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