Sunday, April 22, 2012

Memories of Mississauga

In my early adult years, I learned that there are eastern people and there western people. Lest anyone misconstrue what I'm saying, I'm speaking of those persons who opt to live east or west of Canada's largest city. I'm not certain why we have these preferences. I have observed that it does not always have to do with where we were raised. Often, someone living in the city will choose to leave and venture in one direction or the other. Those who move to towns just north of the city, are in my opinion a conglomerate of both.

I am an example of an easterner. I have always lived in one of the many boroughs, suburbs or small towns east of the city. As such, I had not done much more than drive through the west side while on my way to points beyond.

During my annual few weeks of work out by the airport, I try to go on an adventure. In the past, I've taken public transit for 90 minutes just to attend a Blue Jays game. Now that, was an adventure! Another time, I just drove, heading west along one of the main roads. I wasn't lost...well, perhaps I was slightly lost. All of a sudden there it was! How could it be? I saw a massive landscape of skyscrapers and towers. I knew there was no way this could be downtown Toronto. I was going west. Besides, it was all new and spectacular. "Welcome to the City of Mississauga", I read. I was certainly familiar with Canada's oldest and most famous mayor and all of her accomplishments, but this caught me by surprise! I explored and I was impressed.

Chalk it up to fatigue, added responsibility, old age or just plain laziness, but this year, my adventure didn't amount to much. In fact, I generally preferred hanging around my hotel room, the pool, hot tub or sauna in the evenings.

One day, after work, I remembered my previous trek to Mississauga. I decided to go to 'Square One' even though I didn't really need anything from a shopping mall. I drove past this very large sign and then I realized that something new had been added to the City Centre Drive area.
 I viewed a spectacular architectural sight. There were two brand new buildings that looked like something right out of a Dr. Seuss story book.

After some research, I discovered that they're luxury condos called "Absolute World" completed in 2011. A design competition was held. Potential submissions were accepted from all over the world. The winner was Yansong Ma, a young Chinese architect who created the unique towers. Beautiful and unique. I discovered later that one of the towers is nicknamed "Marilyn" (as in Monroe...can you guess which?).

After locating a prime parking spot, I walked through "The Bay" store where I learned something else. Gone are the days of unisex mannequins. The skinny, shapeless, faceless clothing models are no more. In fact, I found a few that seemed to be sporting heads, but ample body parts. No mistaking these for males.
I asked a sales clerk for some information and noticed that a man walking past with a Timmy's overheard me. I knew this because he stared and instantly spewed coffee through his nose. I'm not certain what was so funny about "Do you have a fat lady section in this store?"

I continued into the mall to check my location on the "you are here" map. I happened to notice something unusual under the services list. The fourth last item caught my eye, "Peace Lutheran Church". Fascinating. A church in a shopping mall?  This has possibilities I thought. I sought it out and discovered that it was located near the rest rooms and across from the food court. Brilliant! What a great way to reach the community...a church in a shopping mall.

The ornate glass entrance was just past the "Disney Store", beside "Burger King" and down a short hallway.

Sadly, when I searched for more information about the church, I found this article.

I learned that it will be soon be gone. The mall 'powers that be' plan to eliminate the space and use it to create a larger food court at the end of April.

Alas, it has been decided, that it's more important to overfeed the body than to nourish the soul.

As I said goodbye to Mississauga for another year, I realized why some people like being westerners. I wonder what will be new and what I'll see and learn if I go back again next year.

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  1. This makes me smile. When I read that you were going to talk about westerners I certainly didn't expect to be reading about Mississauga. Of course, my horizon is considerably more broad out here in the land of distant horizons and scary politics.

    Missisauga; west? I think not.

    M in Alberta